Membership Fees

2020 Annual Golf Membership Fees
(Includes all Golf Club Amenities with Optional Tennis)

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For More Information Please Contact Fergal O’Shea- 803 548-3500.

2020 Annual Membership Fees

Individual Fee
12 Monthly Payments $1,800 ($150 month)
Add Tennis: Annual Amount $140
Senior – Weekday Only
(60 Years or Older as of 1/1/2020)
12 Monthly Payments 1,500 ($125 per month)
Add Tennis: Annual Amount $130 annually
Family – 2 or More Fee
12 Monthly Payments $2,160 ($180 per month)
Add Tennis: Annual Amount $265 annually
Senior Family (2 or more–60 years or older) WEEKDAY ONLY (M-F)
12 Monthly Payments 1,800 ($150 month)
Add Tennis – Annual Amount $240
Other Fees – Optional Fee
Mens and Ladies Golf Association
(includes handicap services)
$60 annually
GHIN Handicap/USGA $30 annually
Croquet Club Membership $150 annually
Juniors (ages 8-20) $75 annually
Driving Range Club Member Rates
Individual $300 annually
Family (2-person) $350 annually
Family (3 or more) $400 annually
Member Golf Cart Fee $20 (per member per round)
Tennis Only Fees
Annual Fee
Individual $150
Family (2-person) $280
Senior (60 years or older) $140
Senior Family (2 or more) $270
Junior $75


10% discount on the annual total for paying on or before December 15, 2019.

Monthly Payment Plan: Applicant will be responsible for the full annual amount listed and charged on a monthly basis.  Cancellation of membership prior to December 31, 2019 will not relinquish the obligation for full annual payment. Only applications for New Members will be eligible for any pro ration consideration towards the total Annual Fee.

For more information please contact Fergal O’Shea – 803.548.3500 ext. 228